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Two days biking through Menorca

A cop de pedal pels camins de Menorca.

The Menorca 360º Bike 2 days program features two circular routes of medium-low difficulty around Maó. The east part of Menorca is the scene of a two-days adventure including old rural paths and some of the main Talayotic civilization sites. Maó is the starting point and center of the Bike 2 days program, an ideal […]

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Our countryside, our cattle

Vaca vermella menorquina.

Along the Menorcan paths, it is easy to see cattle grazing. There are cows in some sections of the Camí de Cavalls, although they are especially present in the inland. There are black-and-white, blonde and even red cows. Some of them are of the Menorcan race. It is the native one of the island and embodies many values of the Menorcan countryside and the Biosphere Reserve.

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The trip of the lizard

Sargantanes de l'Illa de l'Aire (Foto: Lluís Gelabert - FotoBorn).

This endemic reptile, known by the scientific name of ‘Podarcis lilfordi’, is one of the symbols of Menorca. Currently it only survives on several islets, but its ‘personality’ is projected much further.

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Try hiking Menorca in two days

Caminant per camins rurals ancestrals (Foto: Jordi Saragossa).

The Menorca 360º Hike 2 days program offers two fifteen-kilometers walks to discover different facets of the island. Participants go through natural areas, small coves and some of the main Menorcan ravines at their own pace.

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The arader’s hand on the paths of Menorca

Sortida de sol al Morro de sa Falconera (Foto: Oriol Batista).

The gates and rails made of wild olive tree wood are a characteristic element of the rural paths of the island. Its rustic look, which gives the Menorcan trails a unique personality, is the work of master craftsmen who embody an ancient tradition.

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Menorca, Biosphere Reserve

Què implica la declaració del territori terrestre i marítim de l’illa com a Reserva de Biosfera per la UNESCO? Una garantia perquè l’equilibri i l’harmonia entre éssers humans i medi ambient guiïn el futur de Menorca.

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Menorca, Talayotic heritage

Menorcan people are proud of our island and our past. And there is nothing that better embodies the island’s origins than the Talayotic civilization and the rich megalithic heritage that it bequeathed to us. Throughout the 700 km2 of the island, there are 1,500 talayotic sites, especially concentrated in the southern half. 280 of them […]

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